Your financial success is in your hands

Your financial success is in your hands


It’s hard to stay focused on your goals, let alone financial goals with all these external pressures and self-doubt starts crippling in until one feels too overwhelmed to commit and the idea of taking things as they feel more lite and very attractive compared to the financial burden of guilt when we feel that we are letting ourselves down whenever we miss the financial target. All those emotions are real and can’t be wished away but they shouldn’t be allowed to change our financial life’s. Truth is, without the self-destructive negative feelings of being a loser we still stand a very great chance of even exceeding the financial targets we set for ourselves if they were based on realistic plan and inspiration because without the two you were already setting yourself for failure.

Improve your financial plans

The first quarter of the year is gone, if you had not achieved anything worth noting then you wouldn’t be even feeling guilty. You feel this way because you know that you’ve built something financially valuable enough not to give up that easily especially if this is the first time you’ve set yourself such a financial goal. Say you committed to not taking any more credit in the past quarter and you did so well think not so easy in the first two months to an extent that you felt you have now improved your financial life.

Up until you are faced with the right triggers like a call your dear mother to assist her urgently with money for a church trip that will completely take you off budget and after some consideration you told your that it’s just a thousand rand and how can you possibly say No to your own mother who has sacrificed so much for you to get where are now, not realizing that the amount is just enough to throw you back to negative because as much as you are not taking any more debt, you still have to pay the old installments as they are so as much your initiative of not taking new debt is good and should be commended, it does not significantly change anything in the immediate future with regards to your daily cash flow, much of the commitments will remain the same which might be discouraging if I like I mentioned, in the beginning, your goal lacks a solid plan and enough inspiration. In case perhaps your plan required not a method of avoiding debt but also of reducing installments and/increasing your income prospects depending on the circumstances.

How to avoid sinking into debt

Acknowledge that the FINANCIAL journey to getting there won’t be easy otherwise it would not have been even worthwhile to call this a goal to achieve. Then after the honest reflection identity what needs to be improved on these two key areas above then recommit for another quarter, do the same thing for the following quarter until the end of the year and I bet you will have something to celebrate at the end of 2018.


Andile Fulane is the Group CEO of SEED OF PROSPERITY and has been an entrepreneur for the rest of his life and a financial wellness and financial literacy practitioner for the past eight years.


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