10 Years Of Financial Literacy Excellence

Financial Literacy And Wellness Solutions for EAP, Wellness, Credit Rehabilitation, and Community Empowerment Programs

Our Financial wellness company Seed of Prosperity is a champion of holistic wellness in South Africa with a strong focus on financial wellness for the past 10 years using global best practices, data insights, advanced technology and its vast experience across different sectors and demographics to build custom, impactful and measurable wellness programs for both big and small companies who have all recorded returns above 65% on investment for each Rand spent.

Why Financial Literacy?

  • South Africa ranks as one of the most over-indebted countries in the World
  • According to a 2018 Oxfam report, SA remains the most unequal society in the World despite attempts of financial and economic inclusion over the years
  • It also scored lowest among 30 member countries in an international survey on Adult Financial Literacy Capabilities by OECD in 2016

How does this affect you as an Employer?

  • Presenteeism alone costs SA employers above R 89 Billion per annum, combined with absenteeism the figure borders around R 130 Billion
  • After presenteeism, which could literally mean anything including health and domestic problems, financial distress is the biggest contributor to presenteeism in the workplace
  • The cost of distressed employees is not easily quantified because it can be a trigger or source of many other issues including wage disputes, theft, fraud, employee turnover, health benefit claims etc.

How does this affect other sectors?

  • Banks and creditors are losing more than R 100 Billion per annum in bad debt written off
  • Financial Services companies lose hundreds of Millions because of defaults in insurance and product premiums

We’ve worked with some of the biggest employers, banks, creditors, and insurance companies to help them reduce the risk of financial distress on their bottom line and create inspiring environments where everyone can thrive.

When companies invest in empowering their people, they, in turn, empower themselves.

DID YOU KNOW: One in five employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work and 37% say that they spend three hours or more at work thinking about, or dealing with issues related to their personal finances

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