Solutions for StokvelsWe run workshops and seminars specifically designed to empower Stokvel members

Latest estimates indicate that the stokvel market in South Africa is worth about R44-billion annually and has about 8.6-million members!

Stokvels are traditional collective savings schemes which typically involve members making a regular contribution to a pool from which each member, in turn, receives as a once-off lump sum. Through stokvels, many South Africans have been able to make their dreams come true.


Even through Stokvels have helped many achieve great things, there have also been stories of Stokvel members failing to manage their finances after getting large sums of money. This is largely due to low levels of literacy among adults in the country and low financial literacy. To ensure stokvel members are empowered to make sound financial decisions, Seed of Prosperity has various solutions, including:

  • The Stokvel Academy We run workshops and seminars specifically designed to empower Stokvel members with skills and the required information to make savvy financial decisions. Topics range from investing, entrepreneurship, insurance etc.
  • The Stokvel Administration System Seed of Prosperity, in partnership InfoBytes Technology and BSK Marketing have built the first of its kind digital and mobile administration system. The aim is to ensure processes are made electronic and seamless for Stokvel members so they operate more efficiently.
  • Stokvel Connections We work closely with stokvels and connect members to one another. We also recommend business opportunities to Stokvels and their members.
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Fin-Lite Financial Education trading as Seed of Prosperity has been providing Financial Wellness services to Omnia Fertilizer Sasolburg branch since November 2015. The value they have added to our employees’ lives is incredible. Our employees have become more financially savvy, through weekly consultations with an onsite consultant. They helped in reduction of interests, debt, as well as prevention of assets repossessions.

Omnia Fertilizer, a division of the Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd
Manager: Human Resources , Omnia Fertilizer, a division of the Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd
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