MoneyacPlatform is designed to approach financial wellbeing holistically

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The Moneyac Platform is designed to approach financial wellbeing holistically. This is a platform that allows consumers measure their financial health through credit monitoring and budgeting tools.

Once these measures have been completed successfully, consumers are then involved into our Moneyac Rewards Program which is designed to inspire a different behavior, loyalty to our partners,improves financial well being and credit score; including budgeting and enrollment for financial literacy course.

Why Financial Well-being? 

Most financial mistakes detrimental but are preventable and remediable



-Access financial wellbeing tools like a budget which is used as part of application

– Access and understand their credit report

– Access financial literacy content sponsored by partner

– Access financial wellbeing experts who can assist improving credit report and affordability

– Digital signing to reduce costs and time on printing, signing and scanning documents.


Participate into our Moneyac Rewards Program



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Moneyac Platforms 

Bond originators

  • Attract more agents because of increased efficiency and revenue
  • – Access untapped market through Housing Education Initiatives
  • – Monitor Quality of service provided by AGENT by getting direct consumer feedback
  • Participate in our Moneyac Rewards Program for consumers

Estate Agents

– Use Moneyac to do a more comprehensive assessment that includes credit report and affordability

– Communicate more efficiently with consumers using our instant messaging

– Monitor budgeting and credit behaviour patterns and identify rehabilitated consumers

– Get support from experts to improve approval rates

– Digital signing to fast track client onboarding process

Moneyac Solutions for Employers

Credit reports are not just used by creditors weighing up on whether to lend consumers money or not. Employers are increasingly using credit reports to vet potential employees and monitor existing staff. One thing’s for sure; if an employee is battling with financial problems, it affects their financial  well being and productivity and leads to problems such as: absenteeism, presenteeism, theft, fraud, workplace injuries, wage disputes and strikes. Through Moneyac  financial literacy app Seed of Prosperity provides financial solutions and group financial training interventions in order to empower and assist employees manage their money more effectively.

* Improve employees’ financial intelligence through financial literacy courses

* Encourage proactive financial lifestyle

* Accurate employee financial wellness reports

* Monitor employees’ financial behaviour

* Conduct credit check for all your prospective employees

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