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If you are over-indebted and battling to keep up with your monthly payments, you are probably looking for quick and efficient solutions. We understand your dilemma, which is why we will set up an affordable Debt Rescue programme to suit your specific needs. Our debt counselling experts will calculate a monthly instalment that will leave you with much-needed breathing room in your budget.

If you are finding yourself in this situation where you have been contacted by a debt collector on an account three years old or longer; and unsure as to how to proceed.

The Garnishee audit, involves auditing all existing orders being deducted from a payroll. All orders are scrutinised for irregularities, challenged where necessary and reported accordingly. Each order will also receive a repayment plan in order to ensure payroll understand when to stop their deductions. The solution includes subsequently challenging vendors who deduct more than the amounts stipulated on the repayment plans.

We assist clients in improving their credit scoring, removing debt review, as well as negative listings (such as judgments)

We can also assist you if your credit report reflects outdated or incorrect information by disputing it with the relevant authorities and restoring your good name.

If you can’t get on the same page with your spouse about money, then a financial coach is probably the right fit. But here’s the thing—if your spouse just isn’t listening and doesn’t want to be more responsible, you can’t drag them kicking and screaming into a coach’s office. Go by yourself if you have to. And, over time, hopefully they’ll see how you’ve changed and look to come along with you.

You can expect to receive thorough, non-judgmental
counseling. The session will include a discussion of your current situation
and your concerns, including a review of your income, expenses and
debt, an explanation of your options, and an action plan.

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Let us assist you in clearing negative information, improve your overall credit scoring, and regain control of your financial position.

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