Employee Financial wellnessAre your employees prepared to handle debt?

Only 6% of South Africans save up enough for retirement according to World Bank and Only 15% of South Africans have a savings plan.

Access to financial experts’ advice is an important part of your employees’ overall financial well-being. Every employee has decisions to make about investments, pensions and protection plans and often they won’t know where to go for help and support. Seed Of Prosperity helps your employees make sensible decisions about money that can help them achieve their goals. Having a detailed financial plan provides a strategy to make practical financial decisions in all aspects of life

Advice on Pension and Benefits

Pensions are highly flexible and provide a range of options to your employees when it comes to choosing their retirement benefits. We can help them clarify their objectives in terms of retirement income and map out a route to build their pension pot to meet those goals.

Advice on investments

One of the key role of our financial experts is to tailor investment options to suit the needs of your employees. This makes them an invaluable asset to have on hand to assist your employees.

Through our site visits, presentations and workshops, our consultants can explain the benefits of assessing an employee’s own needs and look at more personalised investment options.

By engaging with your employees in this way, we can assess their financial needs and advise them on investment portfolio which meet their needs.

how can we help you?

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Fin-Lite Financial Education trading as Seed of Prosperity has been providing Financial Wellness services to Omnia Fertilizer Sasolburg branch since November 2015. The value they have added to our employees’ lives is incredible. Our employees have become more financially savvy, through weekly consultations with an onsite consultant. They helped in reduction of interests, debt, as well as prevention of assets repossessions.

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