About US

We are driven by a passion for excellence in serving people and our corporate customers, and in the process helping them to achieve their wildest aspirations.

We use a holistic psychosocial model combined with practical education, debt, tax and legal support to help employees and customers in all areas of their financial problems and provide long term mentorship for behavioral change.

We have a fully-fledged call center, mobile app and a national footprint for interactive theater, workshops or one on one financial coaching sessions.

We are a level 1 BBBEE Contributor

Our vision is to reach the length and breadth of the African continent and be part of the solution that helps it realise its fullest potential.

Our mission is empowering people, communities and organisations by contributing to solving the need for financial inclusion and wealth redistribution in the continent.

Our values are:

  • Team work, makes the dream work
  • People before profits
  • Integrity is our currency
  • Service excellence
  • Always exceeding expectations
  • Building genuine relationships
  • Striving to make our clients wealthier than we are
  • Continuous evolvement and innovation
  • Encouraging and rewarding winning behavior

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Company was formed in 2009 and is registered as Finlite Financial Education, trading as Seed of Prosperity.

We are registered with National Credit Regulator (NCR) as a debt management specialist and with the Insurance Sector Seta (INSETA) as an accredited training provider on professional personal finance courses. Go to www.finlite.co.za for info on our INSETA accredied courses.

We empower folks with financial tools and information so they’re able to better manage their finances.

how can we help you?

Contact us at Seed Of Prosperity office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Fin-Lite Financial Education trading as Seed of Prosperity has been providing Financial Wellness services to Omnia Fertilizer Sasolburg branch since November 2015. The value they have added to our employees’ lives is incredible. Our employees have become more financially savvy, through weekly consultations with an onsite consultant. They helped in reduction of interests, debt, as well as prevention of assets repossessions.

Omnia Fertilizer, a division of the Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd
Manager: Human Resources , Omnia Fertilizer, a division of the Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd

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