Our Story

The story of Seed of Prosperity is that of passion, struggles, perseverance, entrepreneurship and the pursuit of a dream.

Started by two young University friends who saw that there was something wrong with how people in their communities struggled with money, whether making, managing or growing wealth. The two felt it as a social and spiritual responsibility to understand the challenges and come up with innovative solutions to try and address the problem.

In their research they realised that the problem was bigger than what they had imagined and was as complex as human beings are, none the less despite selling almost everything they owned, being blacklisted by credit bureaus and almost losing two of their properties because they could no longer afford to keep up with bond repayments, they never gave up in looking for an answer to address the plight of millions of South Africans who are economically active but find themselves poorer and stressed because of mounting debts and bad financial decisions.

We empower folks with financial tools and information so they’re able to better manage their finances.

Our philosophy Our approach

With our financial wellness solutions, we focus on:

  • Helping clients make informed financial decisions to secure their future.
  • Financial education so individuals can be self-sufficient.
  • Constantly evolving and innovating by using cutting edge technology to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

What we stand for

  • A holistic approach to financial well-being.
  • Hiring the finest talent in the industry because our clients deserve only the best.
  • Adhering to international best practice standards in financial wellness and education.
  • Empowering clients so they’re able to achieve financial freedom.
  • Doing business in an ethical manner.

Where we are

As they say, the rest is history. Today, the business hires 9 full time staff members and two part-time including the two directors, and boasts 3 JSE listed corporate clients who trust them with over 14 000 of their employees and customers as part of their Financial Education and Employee Financial Wellness programs.

As a company started by young black people who know the value of education and the struggles faced by young South Africans and part of growing its own timber and, Seed of Prosperity launched its staff bursary fund called SOP Bursary Fund targeted at its young staff members who are mostly from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

how can we help you?

Contact us at Seed Of Prosperity office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Fin-Lite Financial Education trading as Seed of Prosperity has been providing Financial Wellness services to Omnia Fertilizer Sasolburg branch since November 2015. The value they have added to our employees’ lives is incredible. Our employees have become more financially savvy, through weekly consultations with an onsite consultant. They helped in reduction of interests, debt, as well as prevention of assets repossessions.

Omnia Fertilizer, a division of the Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd
Manager: Human Resources , Omnia Fertilizer, a division of the Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd

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