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Employee Financial wellness

One thing’s for sure; if an employee is battling with financial problems, it affects their wellbeing and productivity and leads to problems such as: absenteeism, presenteeism, theft, fraud, workplace injuries, wage disputes and strikes.

Personal Financial wellness

To assist individuals to escape the debt trap, Seed of Prosperity has designed various solutions which can be customised to an individual’s needs and preferences. South Africans struggle with their finances and the figures are startling

Credit providers Solutions

Tough economic times hit creditors the hardest. It means loan declines, consumers failing to keep up with monthly debt installments, high debt collection costs, provisions for bad debt eating on a company’s bottom line

A Holistic approach  towards  a great 
Financial wellbeing

Our Financial wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness
Individual Financial wellness
Financial wellness
Credit providers Solutions
Financial wellness
Solutions for Stokvels
Financial wellness
Employers Financial wellness

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