Tailor-made solutions to suit your needs

Tailor-made solutions to suit your needs

Wellness Rewards

Build a Healthy Workplace with an Employee Wellness Program

Seed of Prosperity can help your organization implement an Employee Wellness Program that encourages healthy financial behaviors and rewards employees for taking steps to be well.

An effective corporate wellness program is a good way for employers to reduce healthcare costs, absenteeism, Theft and increase productivity, plus improve engagement and overall well-being. Your customizable employee wellness platform from Terryberry can be up and running sooner than you may think.  We offer a selection of employee wellness program packages that are flexible to meet your organization’s employee wellness needs.

Research shows that when employees are happy they:

  • Are empowered to be catalysts for change and innovation
  • Inspire teamwork and collaboration
  • Can manage their stresses effectively
  • Can build effective relationships and
  • Contribute to productive environments.

Our modern day lives are leaving employees feeling more stressed than ever before. They spend over 60% of their time at work, leaving little time to attend to other aspects of their lives resulting in an inability to lead holistic, healthy and happy lives.

Three of the greatest challenges people face today are in the areas of their finances, health and relationships. These lead to high emotional or chronic stress rendering them non-effective in the workplace. Organisations are losing billions of Rand’s due to these conditions and other stress-related expenses!

Your company doesn’t have to be a victim of our modern business world and the unhappy employee phenomenon that is crippling many organisations. You can partner with Wellness Assets and invest in your employees’ well-being.

We have the perfect solution to address your wellness needs on both an individual and organisational level with our comprehensive, integrated solution for corporate wellness.

The Wellness Assets Programme focuses on providing employees with insights, skills and tools to empower them to live a healthier, happier lifestyle and ultimately operate at their optimum – both personally and professionally.

A Holistic approach  towards  a great 
Financial wellbeing

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A Holistic approach  towards  a great 
Financial wellbeing

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